Day 1: In Transit to Vacation Mode – Europe 2012

4:02pm EST, Saturday, March 10, 2012

I suppose since I’m not doing work right now, I’m currently in vacation mode!  As I’m writing up this entry, I’m sitting in the waiting area at Gate F82 in the Toronto Pearson International Airport.  Did I mention I arrived three hours ahead of my flight – thinking there would be a massive line up – seeing as it is March Break?  Well, here is a photo of the mass exodus.

Hopefully, you caught my sarcasm…

In day one of my European journey, jet-setting is the name of the game.  Our flight leaves at 5:06pm EST, and arrives in our connecting city – Charlotte – around 7:00pm EST.  We hop on our Trans-Atlantic flight around 8:30pm EST and arrive the next day at 10:30am (local time) in Frankfurt, Germany.

My airport experience from Toronto was pretty smooth-sailing.  From the time we arrived to the time I sat down at the gate was only about 45-minutes, so I was definitely a happy camper.  I must also add that I was chosen as a lucky victim of the infamous pat-down or full-body scanner – the ones that caused quite the controversy not too long ago – but honestly that didn’t really matter to me.  I really don’t see the huge kerfuffle behind all the controversy.  For the record, I chose the full-body scan – strictly personal preference.  It took literally all of thirty seconds; it was painless, and no fuss at all.  If anything, I’m thankful for the extra security whilst in the air.  But, that’s a totally different blog post.

11:03pm EST, Saturday, March 10, 2012

According to the television in front of me, I am currently in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  After this long day, I’m thankful for three things: Wi-Fi, power outlets, and Starbucks.  I’m going to be completely honest – patience is not something I have a lot of – so from the three hours at the Toronto airport, one-and-a-half in Charlotte, not to mention the eight hour Trans-Atlantic flight from Charlotte to Frankfurt, I’m definitely running low on energy.

Now, I think most of us would know that aircrafts aren’t the most comfortable aspect of traveling.  As I have not been to Europe before, I’ve spent the day thinking about what my upcoming experience would be like – admittedly in an attempt to take focus off my aching back in these uncomfortable seats.  The “techie” in me downloaded a range of offline apps to keep me entertained whilst in the air – like the Paris ‘Fotopedia’ app – and the thrill suddenly rushes back in as I anticipate the next few days to come.

Upon arrival, we’ll be checking into our hotel, and the journey will officially begin.  Expect future posts to be more about the places and landmarks – versus my personal online diary – and stay tuned as I’ll be posting additional blogs in the coming days with exciting photos, anecdotes, and other fun stuff.  I now have five hours to arrival in Frankfurt at 10:50am local time, so I’m going to try to catch some shut-eye time.

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