Day 2: Frankfurt – Europe 2012

The past 48 hours have been insane.  We’ve finally landed in Frankfurt (around Sunday 11:00am local time), and we’ve picked up our luggage.  We were taken straight to our hotel, where I definitely went straight for my bed.  I am definitely living in a totally different time zone compared to the rest of the population here.

This may come as a surprise to you – again, hopefully you caught my sarcasm – my life is extremely fast-paced with several things going on-the-fly, all the time.  So for me, sitting still with nothing to do is more exasperating than being busy, running around.  When I told my buddy, Curtis, that I would be blogging my way through personal vacation in Europe, the good ol’ “why” question definitely popped into his mind almost instantaneously.  It makes sense – why would one create more work, when they’re going on vacation to relax?  Well, for me, I think keeping a blog acts as an outlet for my thoughts – similar to keeping a diary.  The inner journalist in me wants to broadcast my experiences, possibly enticing you to embark on a similar journey, and open your eyes on this planet we call home.

It is currently Sunday here, so everything happens to be closed.  We stayed in a nearby Sheraton Frankfurt, and as I’m used to living in a busy city, it felt as if it were a ghost-town here!  I did not see a single soul roaming the streets.

As for first impressions, I found the European roads to be quite different.  I must admit, it was quite intimidating – everyone is driving around in either a Mercedes-Benz or an Audi – and the speeds here are quite fast.  Horsepower is definitely not something locals use conservatively here.  I suppose it also didn’t help that I couldn’t interpret any of the street signs here.  German is the main language here; however you can easily squeeze by with English under your belt.  I found a very nice French lady here at the Sheraton, so I found communicating with her far easier in that language.

I woke up around 6:00pm local time, and headed down for dinner.  Choice was not plentiful here – again as it was a Sunday, it seemed as if everything was closed – so German hotel cuisine it was.  For the foodies out there, I had a roasted pork loin dish, with pepper-cream sauce and lemon-thyme spetzel.  My overall first impression of the European culture is quite positive – very positive, with quite the laid-back and laissez-faire attitude – definitely quite different from the hustle-and-bustle of Toronto.

Internet access is quite limited here, and free Wi-Fi usually comes with a time limit.  In “Happy Endings” TV slang, “that sooks.”  I’m continuing to take many photo and writing blog posts.  While I may be slow in posting them up, they’re coming!  So stay tuned.

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