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Episode 19 – Anti-Bullying Apps – App Central

Statistics are alarming, reports indicate that the majority of bullied victims have experienced a form of cyber bullying through hate comments on social networks.  There have been services in the past like Kids Help Phone where victims can reach out for help, but now social media and apps have flipped the way victims can seek help.  Rather than victims going to the Kids Help Phone for example, the groups are going to the victims through apps and mobile sites.  Essentially, it makes it easier for the victims to seek the help they need.

BULLY SHIELD, $0.99, iTunes App Store, iPhone and iPad

This app is created by a bullying prevention doctor to provide students positive strategies to reduce the effects of bullying.  It discusses how to handle situations when you are being bullied.  It comes with very helpful tips, and is perfect for parents, students, and educators alike!  For bully victims, it gives tips on how to handle bullies, and for parents, it gives tips on how to handle situations when your child is being bullied.

BULLY BLOCK, $0.99, Android Marketplace, Android

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The Bully Block app allows users to “covertly record verbal threats and harassment, block inappropriate texts and pictures (e.g. sexting), and utilize auto respond features.”


  • Bully Block utilizes a stealth recorder to captures bullies within the act. The user pushes a button on the app and the cell phone will go into stealth mode and secretly record the bully.
  • A unique blacklist feature allows users to block all SMS or MMS messages from bullies. He or she will either hear a busy signal or pre-recorded message. All phone calls and text message from blocked list are automatically routed to the “bully file.”

SAFETYWEB, $10/MONTH or $100/YEAR, All Platforms

Better understand what your child is doing online with up-to-date activity reports on your child’s photos, videos, friends, comments, and profile information.  They claim that if your child has a mobile phone, you need SafetyWeb. “Know who is calling and texting your child, and whether your child is calling and texting within safe limits.”  You can see their “friends,” social networks, usage, and alerts are automatically sent when a red flag goes up.

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