Monday, April 22, 2024

Free tool to find cheapest flights to every city

Finding a good flight deal can be a daunting task, but a group of researchers are trying to fix that.

MIT Senseable City Laboratory has introduced, a search tool that looks at Skyscanner and Kiwi data to find the most affordable flights to almost every city around the world.

“We created a tool to visualize the cheapest flight to every city, country, region or continent in the world on any given dates,” the creators announced on Reddit. “It allows you to filter by visa, weather, price, region and direct/indirect to help you narrow down the options. By clicking on a city you can get the entire list of flights to the city.”

The group continues to evolve the tool, building on top-requested featured, and new ways to visualize deals and destinations.

“Now you can filter/navigate to a country, region and continent just with a few clicks, no need to type!” they added. “Lots of you requested for the ‘My dates are flexible’ feature. This one will take some time but it’s coming soon.”

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Winston Sih
Winston Sih
Winston is currently a freelance technology and travel broadcast journalist, consultant, and is the creator and founder of Master Travellr—Canada’s destination for travel news, guides, and budget recommendations.



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