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Dear MT: What to do in the Maritimes

To a new and regular feature on Master Travellr, aptly named, Dear Master Travellr, we will take reader questions—they can involve seeking recommendations, tips, advice, or even offer up helpful information to the community.

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This first question comes from Aleta:

My son has assigned me the task of finding somewhere exciting to spend his 40th birthday this August. We were thinking down east, but haven’t been there. PEI? Peggy’s Cove? Where? Thinking 4-5 days. Any suggestions?


Answer from Nicole Revert, contributing writer:

Hi Aleta,

Since I’m from Nova Scotia, let me sway you towards, like the licence plate reads, the “Ocean’s Playground.”

I’ll give you a four-day itinerary and if parts don’t interest you, I can suggest other options.

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Day 1:

Spend the day in Halifax walking the waterfront, public gardens, Point Pleasant Park and a nice dinner on the waterfront.  I would recommend Bicycle Thief, Salty’s, or Fiver Fisherman.

Day 2:

Get up early, drive to Peggy’s Cove, and continue driving along the south shore to visit Mahone Bay, Chester, and Lunenburg.  This is doable, then for dinner, go enjoy Upper or Middle Deck and head down for some live music at the Lower Deck (great for a celebration).

Day 3:

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Head a different direction to the North Shore of Parrsboro and witness the tides of the Bay of Fundy (highest tides in the world) rising up to 16 metres, walk around, and even enjoy a picnic lunch to watch the tides.

A great place to stop on the way back to Halifax is Masstown Market.  This is where you will see locals and tourist dining at the picnic area located on a makeshift boat with some of the best clam and chips, or some great seafood chowder in the market as well.

While in the Halifax area you have to try a Halifax Donair. I would recommend King of Donair, Sicilians, or just do some research and see what piques your interest.  There are many donair places in the centre of the city, which ties nicely with a couple of cocktails in the many pubs in the downtown core.

Day 4:

Enjoy the valley and its great little towns such as Wolfville and Grand Pre. They’re rich in history and once again quaint little streets along the ocean. There are plenty fruit farms, wineries, and local baked goods.

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Featured image courtesy: Tourism Nova Scotia

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