Sunday, March 26, 2023

Canada’s biggest travel pet peeves: study

Expedia has released their latest Airplane and Hotel Etiquette survey, and in Canadian fashion, we have politely sounded off in the annual survey.

Canada ranked “kinder” than other parts of the world, with a third of surveyed offering to switch their seat so people could sit together. Over a quarter have shared recommendations and tips.

Dealing with trouble passengers

– Almost half (47%) of Canadians indicated they would get the flight attendant to deal with a situation if one passenger was being rude to another.
– Over forty per cent (43%) expressed that if someone next to them was spreading across into their space and hogging the arm rest, they would just place the arm rest down when the chance arose.
– And over half (52%) would politely ask the flight attendant if they could be reseated, if they were sitting next to a passenger who smelt extremely bad.

Expedia Canada

Among the most annoying types of passengers, the survey says drunk passengers are at the top of the list at almost 40 per cent. Seat kickers, germ spreaders follow, ending with aromatic passengers and inattentive parents.

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Winston Sih
Winston Sih
Winston is currently a freelance technology and travel broadcast journalist, consultant, and is the creator and founder of Master Travellr—Canada’s destination for travel news, guides, and budget recommendations.


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