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Fantasy becomes reality: Best beach bars across the Caribbean

Special by Emily Wilchesky

There’s nothing better than relaxing and enjoying a refreshing cocktail and snacks overlooking beautiful blue waters in perfect weather.

Sound tempting? Contrary to popular belief, it’s always the time of year to think about your next getaway (even while the weather is hot).

The vacation experts at The Moorings want to make your office-desk-fantasies become your out-of-office reality, by providing you with a list of some of the best beach bars across the Caribbean. Check out their top picks below.

Relax & Party

The Abacos – Nipper’s

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These beautiful, calming pastel colours alone will draw you to this picture-perfect scenario. This Beach Bar & Grill in the Bahamas has two swimming pools, beach volleyball games and live music. On Sundays, the beach gets a little rowdy with their afternoon Pig Roast Parties, where everyone dances on the soft white sands. During the week the beaches are far quieter, so you’ll have time to relax and enjoy your much-needed vacation.


The Exumas – Staniel Cay Yacht Club

This bar is cool for many reasons, from a feature spot in James Bond’s Thunderball to more recently being the set of the music video for Timber. While not technically in the Caribbean, the turquoise waters surrounding this secluded beach and proximity to the world-famous swimming pigs are only a few of the many reasons to visit The Exumas, ASAP.

Iconic Island Libations

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British Virgin Islands – Soggy Dollar Bar

This bar is known for its world-famous “Painkiller” cocktail. Funny enough, this bar actually has tons of loyal followers that cruise the BVI territory wearing “Soggy” gear. Get on this bandwagon and gather some stickers, cups and t-shirts when you visit. You’ll fit right in.


Antigua – BeachLimerZ

Bring your kids over to this family-owned and operated bistro-bar with a Caribbean charm and modern style. The entire bar is made of locally sourced raw materials, and inside you will find furniture crafted by an island artisan. Upon entrance, you will instantly feel swept away by the atmospheric island feels and beachy foods and drinks.

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Rhythm and Rum

The Grenadines – Happy Island

Only accessible by boat, this man-made island is built for partying. Enjoy some fruity rum punch while jamming out to some reggae. If you pull up to the shore, you may be lucky enough to get a dolphin sighting or a kite boarder flying in the sky.

If the above isn’t enough, The Moorings has no shortage of trip options if you’re looking to bask in the sun on a relaxing, isolated island or barhop by boat! It’s the perfect way to escape reality, make new friends and see all the Caribbean has to offer.

Courtesy: The Moorings

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