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10 of Berlin’s best kept secrets

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Known for its tremendous art scene, legendary nightlife, freeing atmosphere and rich history: Berlin is the capital that never fails to reinvent itself. With so much on offer, we spoke to the experts at language learning app, Babbel, to help you differentiate the must see hot spots from the tourists traps, the hidden gems from the overcrowded and the mainstream from the unique.

Covering all preferences, we’re about to let you into some of Berlin’s best kept secrets. Whether you’re planning a fun get-away trip with friends, a family sight-seeing tour, or considering a move to the German capital, there’s something for everyone in this diverse and vibrant city. 

GoBento Restaurant

Simple. Delicious. Intimate. This unique, little hole in the wall in the cobbled streets of Prenzlauer Berg, provides a charming atmosphere where Chef Markus, the incredibly passionate and talented man behind the menu (or lack thereof), will seat, serve, and advise you on your meal—and yes, you understood that correctly, there is no menu. Instead, he offers a delicious veggie or fish surprise. 

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Alright, you caught us. This spot might not be the most secret destination on the list, but it’s well worth the visit. Open until 10pm, (that’s right), this picturesque swimming pool, built in to the edge of Berlin’s spree, is the perfect place for an after dark dip or daytime plunge. At a cost of 6,50€ a ticket, spend time lounging on the decking, gliding through the water and soaking up Berlin’s authenticity as you look out onto the river. 


Located out West, is the city’s best boujee grill house topping your must go-to Berlin bucket list. True to its Alabama roots, this BBQ offers mouth-watering ribs, pulled meat sandwiches and traditional coleslaw. You’ll have venture to the out-of-the-way neighbourhood known as Moabit, a little hub currently going through a serious identity revamp.

Kaulsdorfer Seen

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In the East, towards Kaulsdorf, a secluded, sandy shore resides. This little oasis that provides the perfect, discrete beach for you to pop down your blanket and relax the day away. It’s incognito location ensures it doesn’t get over crowded and is simply beautiful.


Tiny kitchen, big line, bigger bowls. This unassuming Korean restaurant, tucked into the streets of Schoneberg, is known for serving the most flavourful Bibimbap on either side of the Spree, which accounts for the often out the door queue. Complete with red walls lined with large-scale biblical scriptures – we’re not sure why, and don’t mind too much, so long as there’s a big bowl of Bibimbap in front of us. 


Local cuisine is treasured by visitors and residents alike. Hidden amongst office buildings and just off the city’s commercial strip in Kreuzberg is the truly German eatery—Stadtklause. A small wooden, about a hundred years old vendor stocked with a small menu of just the classics, including strammer max, schnitzel and lentil stew with a giant sausage on top. The cheap little joint has become a favourite and comes highly recommended for any season.

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Hafenküche and Boat Rental

Ahoy, mate! Time to put on your Captain Hat and explore Berlin’s waterways. This miniature marina is home to a chic nautical bar and restaurant overlooking the docks. It provides the perfect set-off point for a day spent exploring the waters. You’ll find a wide variety of boat rentals, with many coming equipped with grills to complete your adventure.

The Good Store

Pannierstraße is home to the delightfully minimalistic and expertly-stocked vintage haven, The Good Store. Alongside the well curated racks of classic Acne, Jil Sander, Chloé and Stella Mccartney are locally-made leather bags and jewelry. The prices will most definitely make your jaw drop, so start saving that holiday money. 

The Store Kitchen

If you’re in Mitte and feel a pang of hunger, The Store Kitchen is an absolute must. Located in the trendy, eloquent Soho House, the classy, tasty digs offers a healthy yet reasonably priced lunch options. Whether craving fresh juice, a creative salad, or an appetizing soup, you’ll find something that promises to tickle your taste buds here.

The Boros Collection

The breathtaking Boros Collection of contemporary art is housed in a former World War II bunker that’s armed with two-meter thick walls and a formidable interior that’s equally as impressive as the curated works of art. Make sure to book your tickets in advance as you won’t want to miss out on this. 

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