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Staying Alive: The Business with Colette Watson (S01E02)

The evolving business models of local news, successes, challenges, and the importance of considering diversity in public policy.


Colette Watson

It’s a business model that made a lot of sense for a long time. Televisions were the focal point of living rooms, while the radio was a staple in the car. Local media, for the most part, worked on a simple model. You have great content, mass local audiences, and the result was local advertising therefore revenue. The revenue is used to fund the station, pay people, and ideally create more great local content. But like many industries, this model is in dire need of a refresh. 

One Canadian media executive who’s seen the industry through its ups, downs, and growing pains is Colette Watson. She’s currently the president of CPAC and was most recently the SVP of TV operations at Rogers Media – a collection of properties including Citytv, OMNI Television, Rogers TV, among other brands like Sportsnet, KiSS, and all-news radio. 

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Winston Sih
Winston Sih
Winston is currently a freelance technology and travel broadcast journalist, consultant, and is the creator and founder of Master Travellr—Canada’s destination for travel news, guides, and budget recommendations.


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