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mom-tabletWith Mother’s Day just around the corner, we wanted to share some of our top tech picks for gift ideas for every mom out there.

Samsung Chromebook – $269.99

For the on-the-go business mom, the Chromebook is an inexpensive way to equip her with a computer that’s easy to use and portable! The Samsung Chromebook seamlessly merges sleek design with a Google Chrome operating system and built-in Google apps. Super fast and portable, a gadget- loving mom will have everything she needs in a computer.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0″ 16 GB Android 4.1 tablet with Exynos processor – $429.99

For the gadget-loving mom, upgrade her to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet. With an 8-inch display, S-Pen and all the functionality you can imagine packed into a truly portable device, it’s the perfect addition to her digital arsenal. For work, play, entertainment and anything in between, the flexible, intuitive and fun Galaxy Note 8.0 will be her go-to device.

Nike SportWatch with TomTom GPS – $169.99

For the fitness-enthusiastic mom, the Nike+ SportWatch is the ideal workout buddy.  It tracks time, distance, pace, heart rate and the number of calories she’s burned so she can get the workout and results she’s looking for. It features a built-in GPS, powered by TomTom, so she’ll always get accurate readings indoors and outdoors.

Kobo Aura 6.8″ eReader touch edition – $169.99

For the on-the-go mom, the new Kobo Aura HD is a premium eReader with an extra-large, 6.8″ high-resolution screen and a book-inspired design that will feel as natural to hold as mom’s favourite novel. With up to two months of battery life, copious customizable fonts, and a ton of storage, she can enjoy a truly immersive reading experience on the go.

Monster Diamond Tears Edge on-ear sound isolating headphones – $349.99

For the all-dolled-up mom, a mom that loves her music and loves looking great when she listens to it, the Diamond Tears Edge headphones combine Monster’s remarkable audio technology and pristine sound with a head-turning design. They feature a diamond-inspired finish and soft, breathable and roomy ear cups.

*Products are all available at Future Shop*

Back-to-school technology 2012 – Cityline 2

Back-to-school special episode as seen on Cityline – August 28, 2012.

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Show Notes:

Scientific calculator
Sharp, www.sharp.com

Phone speaker dock, Beats by Dr. Dre
iPad Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard, Logitech
Best Buy, www.bestbuy.ca

Blurb, www.blurb.com

Nikon, www.nikon.com

BlackBerry Playbook 4G LTE on Rogers
BlackBerry, www.blackberry.com

HP ENVY 100 Printer
HP, www.hp.ca

Kogeto 360 iPhone case
Kogeto, www.kogeto.com

Nike+ Sportswatch
Nike, www.nike.com

Monster Headphones Giveaway
Monster/Best Buy
www.monster.com / www.bestbuy.ca

Review: Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones – The Digital Life

From my own previous experience, I know it may be sometimes hard to find a pair of quality headphones, and a pair that’s durable and long-lasting at that. Whether you’re lounging around reading a book, or jogging on the treadmill at the gym, the Monster Beats by Dr. Dre headphones offer a uniquely stylish and comfortable design that won’t compromise on audio quality – perfect for your digital lifestyle!

They work with any of your electronics that support a regular headphone jack (ones you typically find on your BlackBerry, iPod or computer), and the light weight factor doesn’t compromise on sound quality, emphasizing deep bass and stellar treble. Be it classical music or jazz, the Monster Beats by Dr. Dre headphones are sure to make your music, pop!

Monster Cable makes various headphones to fit your digital lifestyle, from in-ears, to over-the-head designs, and you can find designer headphones too, from Lady Gaga, Diddy and, yes, Justin Bieber (your daughter would love them)! I reviewed two different pairs, perfect for two different life-situations, and I must say that I was impressed with them both!

The “Studio” headphones (the pricier ones), running for $399.95 at most electronics stores including Best Buy and Future Shop, offer an over-the-ear design, cupping your ear entirely, and with that, you’ll be able to isolate the surrounding noises around you.

The “Solo HD” headphones offer an on-the-go solution, running for $249.95 at most electronic stores, offer an on-the-ear design, allowing some outside surrounding noise to get through.

I strongly don’t suggest that you take the Studio headphones for a jog, as the noise isolation may put you in some dangerous situations with traffic, etc., however the Solo HD headphones would make a good alternative. As well, some may find that the Studio headphones may be too big to carry around and that the Solo HDs may be more practical.

Unlike the Solo HDs, batteries must be used, in order for the Studio headphones to work. The Solo HDs offer iPod-ready “ControlTalk” cables, meaning you can control your playlist by skipping, playing and pausing songs with three simple buttons.

These features are just the tip of the iceberg, but bottom line, to Monster, audio quality is just as important as design, and they offer a product that consumers are sure to like. The headphones are a little pricey, however if you’re interested in quality in both sound and build, these headphones are both worth checking out.

Do you own a pair of these headphones? Leave a comment below, send me an email, tweet me @WinstonSih! I’ll be sure to include some of your feedback on a future post!

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