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BMW i3: How to use parking assist

Watch as I walk you through the BMW i3's built-in self-park feature.

Protecting yourself from online scams – CityNews

City digital media correspondent Winston Sih takes a look at three easy ways to protect yourself from online scams.

Canadian textual phone habits revealed

Virgin Mobile Canada finds that as the weather gets cooler, Canadians are turning up the heat – shockingly sending steamy messages at work, church,...

Intro to Geocaching – Cityline Intro to Geocaching as seen on Cityline – June 19, 2012 As always, you can re-watch previous episodes of Cityline on, or via the Citytv...

Start Your Own Twitter – CityLine I appeared on Monday 4/25 on CityLine (Citytv) and talked about how you can start your own Twitter account!

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