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During the time span of four days at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 in Las Vegas, many smartphone and tablets were released.  Here at TechnoBuffalo, we know that it may be hard to disseminate and make sense of all the phones announced.

To help you out, here’s a summary of the many phones released at CES this year, sorted by carrier.  Feel free to click on a phone and explore the phone specifications, details, and more in-detail – or read about it in our overviews with full commentary from our staff bloggers on-the-floor at the convention.

Please note, these are phones are to-be-released and may not available right now (as of post date).

For more details, be sure to stay tuned to TechnoBuffalo for news on availability.







What was your favorite phone announced at CES 2012?

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CES 2012: News Roundup – January 12, 2012 – TechnoBuffalo

In the third day of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, there were many consumer technology trends and products that emerged from the show floor.  Below are TechnoBuffalo’s top CES headlines for Thursday, January 12, 2012.

1) Hands-On with the Nintendo Wii U at CES 2012

Our Jon Rettinger got some hands-on time today with the Nintendo Wii U and its controller in a closed-door meeting at CES 2012 today.

The console itself hasn’t been finalized yet, however it appears the controller has been.  Initial reports indicate that while the unit is odd looking, it’s a surprisingly nice fit in the hand – very reminiscent of how the N64 controller looked and acted.

Jon Rettinger with three videos below:

Watch this video from Jon Rettinger: Hands-On with the Nintendo Wii U at CES 2012 (video)

Nintendo Wii U Controller Demo from CES 2012 (video)

Nintendo Wii U Gameplay Demo from CES 2012 (video)

2) PS Vita’s Unit 13 to Release on March 6th, 2012

It was announced during CES that Sony’s Zipper Interactive will be bringing future PlayStation Vita owners Unit 13 on March 6th of this year.

The exact Tweet from Sony’s official PlayStation Twitter account:

Just announced at CES: Unit 13 for PS Vita will be available on March 6, 2012.

Read more from Joey Davidson: PS Vita’s Unit 13 to Release on March 6th, 2012

Check Out PS Vita’s Augmented Reality Table Soccer (Video)

3) This Enormous 900-Pound iPod Dock Needs Its Own Bedroom, Costs $30,000

And in the day’s quirky news, check out this enormous 900-pound iPod dock, requiring its own bedroom.

The iNuke costs approximately $30,000 – features two 18-inch subwoofers, each running at 3,000 watts, and measures 8 feet long, 4 feet wide, and 4 feet tall.

Read more from Killian Bell: This Enormous 900-Pound iPod Dock Needs Its Own Bedroom, Costs $30,000 [Video]

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CES 2012: News Roundup – January 11, 2012 – TechnoBuffalo

In the second day of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, there were many consumer technology trends and products that emerged from the show floor.  Below are TechnoBuffalo’s top CES headlines for Wednesday, January 11, 2012.

1) Sony’s Music Unlimited Service is Coming Soon to Your iOS Device

Today, Sony announced that they are gearing up to compete with the likes of Spotify and Rdio on iOS devices, with a new report confirming the Japanese company will launch its Music Unlimited service on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad within the next few weeks.

The music streaming service is already available on Android, PC, and PlayStation, and it seems iOS users have not been forgotten.

Read more from Killian Bell: Sony’s Music Unlimited Service is Coming Soon to Your iOS Device

2) Hands-on with the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Processor

Today, Qualcomm has announced a new Snapdragon S4 processor.  Consumers don’t often get excited about chips, but this new chip is reportedly able to deliver Kinect-like abilities to your mobile device.

TechnoBuffalo’s own Jon Rettinger had a chance to film a demo of the new chip here at CES 2012, and while there were a few hiccups in the demo, it’s worth keeping in mind that this isn’t a final production chip, so a few missteps are to be expected.

Watch this video from Jon Rettinger: Hands-on with the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Processor (video)

3) Sony Xperia S Will be Available in U.K. in March

Sony announced their new smartphone, the Sony Xperia S for launch in the United Kingdom.  It was one of the company’s first devices since dropping Ericsson from its smartphone venture — and we were lucky enough to go hands-on and get some first impressions of the new device.

It is reported that this device will be a big hit for the Android community, with a stunning 4.3-inch HD display, a slender form-factor, and a dual-core 1.5GHz processor. It also boasts NFC capabilities, 32GB of internal storage, a HDMI port, and it’s PlayStation certified.

Read more from Killian Bell: Sony Xperia S Will be Available in U.K. in March

4) OnLive to be Available on All Google TV Devices

OnLive announced today that their popular game streaming service would be integrated into all current and future Google TV devices. By making use of the additional OnLive wireless controllers and subscribing to the service, gamers with Google TV tech will soon be able to instantly stream and play video games.

Read more from Joey Davidson: OnLive to be Available on All Google TV Devices

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Three Great Lifestyle Applications for the Summer – TechnoBuffalo

The summer is well underway, and whether you’re headed to a foreign destination, or simply heading to the cottage, these applications are must downloads for you lifestyle-app lovers out there!

Road GPS Navigation – NavFree Live GPS USA/Canada – FREE –iTunes App Store

NavFree is what the makers call “the world’s first FREE ‘onboard’ professional GPS navigation software, with turn-by-turn directions, voice guidance, auto-rerouting, live ‘Google’ Search, for the iPhone and iPad.”

Maps are stored on your device therefore no data connection is required to use its core functions like map routing.

There is an easy to use interface including: Easy and intuitive menus, Large buttons designed for easy use on the iPhone/iPad, Day & Night maps for switching to low glare maps for safer night driving and more.

This Canadian app does take upwards to half a gigabyte of storage space as the maps are stored on-board, and up to 2 gigabytes for the United States app.  Various City and country downloads are available, so you can choose how much space you want the application to take up.

Reading – Amazon Kindle – FREE – iTunes App Store/Android Marketplace

When the Amazon Kindle first came out, people purchased many books for their device.  When the iPad came out, people wanted a way to import said books on to their iPad.  Luckily, the Amazon Kindle for iPhone, iPad, and Android allows you to do just that.  The Kindle store offers approximately ten times more titles as iBooks. Apple only claims “tens of thousands of books” in comparison with Kindle’s near half million.

New Kindle books and New York Times bestsellers typically cost $9.99, but you can also find popular books in the $5.99 to $12.99 price range—on par with prices for iBooks.  For paid books, a “Get Sample” feature is made available, and you can read a bit of the book to see if it really fits your reading style.

Amazon includes WhisperSync technology on their Android and iPhone application, that will automatically synchronize your last page read, bookmarks, notes, etc. to your Kindle, iPhone, iPad, and Android.  This allows you to start reading on one device, and on another, pick up where you left off.  Perfect for relaxing at the cottage, or the beach!

Movies – Flixter with Rotten Tomatoes – FREE – iTunes App Store/Android/BlackBerry/Windows Phone/Mobile Web


It is the perfect app to watch movie trailers, find showtimes in your area and even find  great free reviews from Rotten Tomatoes.

Upon launching the application, you can easily access features like the top box office leaders, theaters in your area, upcoming movies and new DVD releases, a DVD catalog with over 50,000 films.  You can watch high quality trailers and video clips for over 10,000 blockbuster and indie flicks, read movie reviews from Rotten Tomatoes and more.

You get the option to search for movies by popularity, rating, and title, with showtimes in your area made available.   You get an opportunity to purchase movies tickets for a particular theatre in your area.

The iPhone, iPod touch and iPad app has a very powerful social networking component including Facebook Connect, allowing you to review and add to your list of favorites, right from your handheld. Once you log in with your Facebook account, you can rate movies, mark films you want to see, and share ratings with your friends via their “Want-to-see” list.  Whether you’re at home, or out traveling, kick back, and watch a movie!

Your Turn!

These applications are just the tip of the iceberg.  There are hundreds of thousands of apps including restaurant locating apps, golfing apps, and more!  What are your favorites out there?  Leave a comment below!  I’ll compile them on a future post!

Be sure to check out the rest of our Summer Tech series!

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Apple Launches FAQ Addressing Final Cut Pro X Complaints – TechnoBuffalo

It’s no surprise now- many people are up and arms with complaints about Final Cut Pro X, the successor to Final Cut Pro 7.

TechnoBuffalo brought you a post, yesterday, detailing the rumbling on the web, from forums, to reviews, to their own App Store user ratings, indicating that users don’t like the successor to Final Cut Pro, and that they would like a refund of $299 USD to their iTunes Account. Traditionally, iTunes App Store purchases are marked “All Sales Final” in the iTunes Terms and Conditions; however, Apple has been known to secretly refund users if they aren’t satisfied with an application.

Apple has finally addressed the heavy criticism, by launching a “Frequently Asked Questions” page for Final Cut Pro X, discussing some of the updates to come, including volume licensing for Final Cut Pro X, Compressor 4, Motion 5, and multi-cam editing.

Apple prefaced the FAQ by saying, “Final Cut Pro X is a breakthrough in nonlinear video editing. The application has impressed many pro editors, and it has also generated a lot of discussion in the pro video community. We know people have questions about the new features in Final Cut Pro X and how it compares with previous versions of Final Cut Pro. Here are the answers to the most common questions we’ve heard.”

There was no mention of Apple offering refunds to unsatisfied customers, however numerous customers have reported getting a refund, after sending in a formal complaint.

What are your thoughts on this?  Did Apple address your comments and complaints on Final Cut Pro X?  Does this further-compel you to make the $299 USD purchase?  Sound off in the comments below!

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