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Your travel pet peeves

After I published the 17 things not to do on the airplane article, I had a lot of feedback on travel pet peeves.

Here’s a quick roundup of your reaction:

Flew from Amsterdam to Montréal, the kid in front of me spent the entire flight bouncing off the back of the seat. Try watching a movie with the screen in constant motion. Mother was too interested in her game to even notice.

— photo bug (@crlvr6) March 5, 2019

People who allow their kids to kick my seat, even more annoying is when an adult kicks the seat repeatedly. I know that my kids were taught airline/ movie theatre manners at an early age. Be considerate people!

— LeftyLymphedema (@givensboyz3) March 4, 2019

I guess someone putting seat back during meal service is the most inconsiderate thing that gets me especially when your tray gets knocked into you

— Sherrie Louth (@scary_sherrie) March 4, 2019

More frequent gripe is folks who refuse to put anything under the seat & instead hog the overhead bin, preventing others from using it.

— Lynn Greiner (@lynngr) March 4, 2019

Was on a flight to Hong Kong, in a window seat. Guy sat in the middle, took off shoes & socks, & “entertained” us with his smelly feet plus flatulence for the whole trip. Would have thrown him out the window if possible.

— Lynn Greiner (@lynngr) March 4, 2019

I am a frequent flyer, and yes, I am one of those that takes my shoes off…BUT, I always have fuzzy socks or slipper socks to put on.

— Dani/Facebook

People who sit next to me fall asleep and turn their head in my direction with their mouths wide open. Seriously I don’t need to see that.

— Sandra P. Cole (@Sandra_Cole44) March 5, 2019

Body odour, unwanted chats, taking more space than what’s allowed, kicking the seat from behind, yelling.

— Chicca🇨🇦 (@chiccablueyes) March 5, 2019

Crowding around the boarding gate an hour before so you have to “pardon me” “excuse me” when your zone gets called. The Zone lanes some places have work better.

— Karen Ussher (@kussher71) March 5, 2019
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Winston Sih
Winston Sih
Winston is currently a freelance technology and travel broadcast journalist, consultant, and is the creator and founder of Master Travellr—Canada’s destination for travel news, guides, and budget recommendations.



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