Thursday, April 18, 2024

‘Most precious treasures’ in Notre Dame saved, decades of reconstruction to come

A catastrophic fire broke out at the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris Monday night.

President Emmanuel Macron tweeted saying he’s sad to see this part of the French people burn.

Fire crews spent hours putting out the massive fire, but the flames have already taken parts of the roof, including the central spire. Into the early hours of Tuesday morning, a spokesperson for Paris police said the flames were under control.

The cultural minister of France announced the “most precious treasures” of the site have been salvaged, this includes the crown of thorns Catholic relic as well as the tunic of Saint Louis. Some windows will be assessed by experts to determine durability in the coming days.

Companies including L’Oreal have pledged to donate towards restoration efforts. The Notre Dame was undergoing renovations, and the fire department is suspecting it could be related to the work and not arson. An investigation will be done, according to officials.

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Efforts are underway to save the pieces of art. The fire comes as the Easter weekend approaches. The cathedral recently marked its 850th anniversary.


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Winston Sih
Winston Sih
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