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Holiday safety tips, features for Uber travellers

As the holidays approach and we head to parties, family gatherings, and meet up with friends, ridesharing is sure to be come a go-to when it comes to getting back and forth.

To help you prepare, Uber has rolled out some tips when it comes to holiday safety and features you can rely on to make sure you can spend more time with your loved ones, and less time thinking about your journey.

Uber Safety

  • Check your ride: Make sure you get in the right car with the right driver by verifying the details in the app. Confirm the driver looks like the picture, and check the license plate and vehicle make/model. 
  • Buckle Up:  No matter where you’re seated in the vehicle – Everyone should be wearing a seatbelt, whether they are going a few blocks or a long distance trip. 
  • Share your Status: Let friends and family know where you are and when to expect you with the “Share Status” button. 
  • Emergency buttonAn emergency button on the Uber app allows you to get help quickly if you’re faced with an emergency situation.

Uber Convenience 

Maximize your holiday cheer time with these time-saving and convenience tips from Uber. 

  • Affordability and Style: If you’re looking for an affordable ride, uberPOOL and uberX have you covered. Or arrive to the party in style with uberBLACK or uberSELECT.
  • Schedule your ride: You can request your ride 30 days to just 30 minutes before you need it. It’s super easy to use – here’s a step-by-step guide. 
  • Message your Driver: To help you communicate with your driver, Uber has made it easy to  send a message or call using the app. 
  • Airport Availability: You can take Uber to and from nine Canadian airports. The Uber app will provide instructions for your pickup – and for larger airports, the app enables riders to provide specific pick up instructions, like terminal and door number – to the driver. Canadian airport availability includes:
  • Fare Splitting: If you’re sharing your Uber ride with a friend, it’s easy to split the fare right through the app. Once you’ve requested a ride, tap the arrow icon next to your driver’s info, select “Split Fare”, choose your friends, and tap “Send”.
  • Treat your Friends and Family to a Ride: If you’re hosting out-of-town family or friends this year, you can treat your guests to more than just festive food and drinks by footing the bill for their ride. Invite family or friends to join your “Family Profile” so you can easily pay for their ride and make sure they get there safely, with real-time trip tracking.
  • Uber lost and found: Left something behind in the backseat? No problem. With Uber, it’s easy to recover lost items. Lost and found might come in handy during the holidays when gloves, scarves, and hats are apt to get left behind. Here’s how it works. 
  • Uber Voucher: Uber for Business has an Uber Voucher feature that can help ensure your party guests arrive on-time and get home safe. Create unique codes, define the radius and set date and times. See how it works here

Source: Uber Canada

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Winston Sih
Winston Sih
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