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Tips for remote work and combatting video conferencing fatigue – CTV Morning Live Calgary

Combat video fatigue by considering some of my tips.

Can you believe that it’s almost been a year since many of us switched to working from home?

As we continue to work from our new realities, remote work will be a part of many people’s routines long term.

Combat video fatigue by considering some of my tips:

  1. Maintain positive work-life balance
  2. Consider your environment
  3. Choose the right platform and technology to make collaborating easier
    • Cisco WebEx is hands down one of my favourite apps to make collaborating easier
    • 10x better than in-person interactions and make connecting and collaborating easier and more accessible for everyone, wherever and however you work.
  4. Free features to amp up your setup
    • HD video and audio: Video meetings with HD quality. Connect audio through your computer, a dial-in number, or have the meeting call you directly.
    • Easy screen sharing: Screen share your desktop, application, or file during your video conference.
    • Personal rooms: Get your own personal room, where you can start instant meetings and share documents.
  5. Take it a step further
    • Noise cancellation and speech enhancement: No more loud typing or rustling papers interrupting your train of thought. Webex automatically detects and suppresses common noises, so you can concentrate. 
    • Transcriptions and closed captioning: Remove the need for extensive note-taking. Transcripts are searchable, so team members who miss a meeting can quickly catch up.
    • Meeting Gestures: Sharing your feedback and hand raising are even easier using hand gestures. With the gesture feature, Webex translates simple hand motion to your camera (thumbs up, down, clap, hand-raise) to represent your feedback as an icon on screen – no keyboard required.
    • Real-time translation: Participate in meetings in your native language and get localized, real-time transcription of the active speaker, available in 10+ languages. Each meeting attendee can choose the language they want without impacting other users.
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Winston Sih
Winston Sih
Winston is currently a freelance technology and travel broadcast journalist, consultant, and is the creator and founder of Master Travellr—Canada’s destination for travel news, guides, and budget recommendations.


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