Last-minute gifts for the techie – Cityline

We’re in the home stretch until Christmas and Winston Sih has some fantastic tech gifts for everyone on your list!

As aired on Cityline, Monday, Dec. 22, 2014, on City.

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Holiday de-stressing tips

The holiday season can be a stressful time for all with the pressure of buying gifts, planning holiday events with friends and family, all on top of the regular hustle-and-bustle of everyday life.

Here are four easy and helpful ways to find serenity and sanity during this busy time of year.

Plan events in advance:

The longer you procrastinate and let your list grow, the more stress you are building for yourself.  To minimize that, schedule the extra time to plan your events and holiday shopping.  Prioritize and figure out what needs to be done straight away, versus things that can be done a couple weeks down the road.

Delegate tasks to family members:

Spread out your must-do tasks on a calendar and split what up needs to get done between your spouses, or even your kids!   That way, you’ll get more done – minimizing the stress you put on yourself.

Accept that traditions can change:

While traditions are important, realize that things can change, too.  Don’t be afraid to shy away from the same-old and start new traditions, particularly if they better fit your family’s lifestyle and dynamic.  Whether that’s changing the food you serve, or when and where you have the big family gathering, be sure that everyone enjoys themselves – including yourself.

Set aside time for yourself:

This would have to be the most important tip – block out time for yourself.  The holiday season means you are constantly on the move, so it’s crucial you find a moment to stop, reflect on what the holidays mean to you, and give yourself a chance to relax.  Perhaps treat yourself to dinner at your favourite restaurant, or pamper yourself with a day at the spa.  As insignificant as these indulgences may sound, they’re really helpful in boosting your mood come holiday time.

Holiday online shopping tips – Cityline

Holiday online shopping tips:  Episode as seen on Cityline – December 3, 2012.

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Show Notes:

Toys R Us
Play-Doh Candy Cyclone

Banana Republic
BR Monogram Sequin Top Sheath

Sport Chek
Men’s snowboard combo (Burton board, boots, bindings)

Things you can do to dress up your outfit for a post-work party

Holiday work parties are fast approaching, which means you may find yourself rushing from the office to the venue with little or no time to change. If you’re stuck and can’t figure out how to transition from your work wardrobe to an after-five outfit, here are a few helpful tips as to how you can glam up your office style for evening.

Select a little black dress and have it ready to go – Be sure to choose one that is appropriate to wear at work, paired with a cardigan or blazer, and can be worn alone when heading to the after-work party.

Keep a change of shoes under your desk –
Plain old pumps are fine for the office, but you may want to dress up your shoe choice at night. Keep a spare pair of evening-appropriate footwear at the ready so you can swap them out on the way to your evening event.

Keep a set of after-five accessories – Along with your little black dress, keep a set of earrings and evening accessories in a handy clutch.  You can keep them inside your work bag, and take the clutch straight to your event.

Add some shimmer to your makeup – The holidays are a great time to add some sparkle, so remember to bump up your look with some shimmer.  Your favourite blush and glittery eye shadow are two easy ways to easily add sparkle to your overall look.

Choose your clothing and accessories according to your style –
Be it playful or traditional, sophisticated or out-of-the-ordinary, remember to be you.  Dress stylishly yet comfortably, so you can allow yourself to let loose and enjoy yourself responsibly.  Just remember, it’s a work party!

Christmas tree trimming tips

With the holiday season in full swing, the family Christmas tree is something you should start thinking about now.  Hunting for the ideal tree can often feel more like a chore than a pleasure, but with a little organization and these helpful tips, your family will be able to enjoy the perfect tree over the holidays.

Pick the tree:  If you’re opting for a real Christmas tree, the best trees recommended are Douglas fir and Fraser – they are known to last longer if they are properly cared for.

Find the proper base:  Make sure you purchase a stand that is appropriate to the size of the tree.  This ensures that it is sturdy and won’t topple over with ornaments, tinsel, and string lighting.

Break from tradition, and place your tree stand in a watertight planter:
  This is a great trick if you want a change from the classic tree skirt.  You create more room for Christmas presents, and it gives you a tailored, modern effect.

Keep the tree in the right climate: 
Making sure your tree stays in consistent temperatures ensures that the tree will not dry out.  Another helpful tip is to mist the tree from time to time.  Adding a small amount of sugar to the water will also help extend the lifespan of the tree.

The rule about lights:  Lights should be strung on before adding the ornaments.  Ornaments will help conceal the wires, and integrate the lighting deeper in the branches, versus only on the outer branches.

Sort your ornaments:  Sort your ornaments by colour or theme palette before you start hanging them on the tree.  This will allow you to better balance colour schemes – giving you a more polished product.

Make the tree last:  Most real trees should last approximately two weeks.  The key is to keep the water replenished and to ensure the tree is freshly cut.  To maintain water absorption, cut one inch (two centimeters) off the base of the tree’s trunk.