Tuesday, June 25, 2024



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Top 5 Trending Gadgets for the Tech-Lovers in Your Life – Cityline

The best gadgets for the 2022 holiday season!

7 gadgets to create holiday ambiance in your home – Cityline

Tech Expert Winston Sih shows us all the new gadgets of smart tech to upgrade your house! “You’ve got the ability to pick from 16 MILLION different colours.”

These apps and gadgets are designed to simplify travel – Breakfast Television

Dina and Sid are joined by Winston Sih to discuss the best apps and gadgets to make travelling easier!

5 of the top travel apps to make your trip easier – Cityline

Tech expert Winston Sih shares the top travel apps you need to make travelling easier. "It has offline translations as well as live translations."

The work-from-home gadgets guaranteed to make your life easier – Breakfast Television

Tech expert Winston Sih joins Dina and Sid to discuss some tech designed to help make working from home a breeze.

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