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Tips for buying clothing online – Cityline

[youtube] As aired on Cityline, Friday, August 30, 2013, on City. As always, you can watch previous episodes of Cityline at, or via the...

Vintage holiday gift ideas – Cityline

Episode as seen on Cityline – Dec. 18, 2012. As always, you can re-watch previous episodes of Cityline on, or via the Citytv Video iPad/iPhone...

Things you can do to dress up your outfit for a post-work party

Holiday work parties are fast approaching, which means you may find yourself rushing from the office to the venue with little or no time...

The Perfectly Dressed Gentleman – What I’m Currently Reading

Fashion isn’t only a complicated task for women! It can be equally as convoluted for men, and Robert O’Bryne’s The Perfectly Dressed Gentleman (Cico...

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