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As aired on Cityline, Friday, August 30, 2013, on City.

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Vintage holiday gift ideas – Cityline

Episode as seen on Cityline – Dec. 18, 2012.

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Show notes:

Cabaret Vintage
(416) 504-7126
Vintage hats
Winston’s vintage outfit worn on-air

Cuisinart EasyPop Hot Air Popcorn Maker
KitchenAid Immersion Blender in Green Apple
Rat Pack Framed Photo Collage with Etched Signatures

DA-E750 Audio dock

The Bay
POP Phone

Future Shop
Fujifilm X10

Pier 1
Iron Airplane Sculpture
Antique Red Wall Clock
Time and Temperature Hanging Clock

Things you can do to dress up your outfit for a post-work party

Holiday work parties are fast approaching, which means you may find yourself rushing from the office to the venue with little or no time to change. If you’re stuck and can’t figure out how to transition from your work wardrobe to an after-five outfit, here are a few helpful tips as to how you can glam up your office style for evening.

Select a little black dress and have it ready to go – Be sure to choose one that is appropriate to wear at work, paired with a cardigan or blazer, and can be worn alone when heading to the after-work party.

Keep a change of shoes under your desk –
Plain old pumps are fine for the office, but you may want to dress up your shoe choice at night. Keep a spare pair of evening-appropriate footwear at the ready so you can swap them out on the way to your evening event.

Keep a set of after-five accessories – Along with your little black dress, keep a set of earrings and evening accessories in a handy clutch.  You can keep them inside your work bag, and take the clutch straight to your event.

Add some shimmer to your makeup – The holidays are a great time to add some sparkle, so remember to bump up your look with some shimmer.  Your favourite blush and glittery eye shadow are two easy ways to easily add sparkle to your overall look.

Choose your clothing and accessories according to your style –
Be it playful or traditional, sophisticated or out-of-the-ordinary, remember to be you.  Dress stylishly yet comfortably, so you can allow yourself to let loose and enjoy yourself responsibly.  Just remember, it’s a work party!

The Perfectly Dressed Gentleman – What I’m Currently Reading

Fashion isn’t only a complicated task for women! It can be equally as convoluted for men, and Robert O’Bryne’s The Perfectly Dressed Gentleman (Cico Books) is the ultimate guide for taking the stress out of getting dressed. We live in an increasingly informal society; and whether it is deciding between a single- or double-breasted jacket, or whether or not you should wear a tie, The Perfectly Dressed Gentleman is your go-to guide on what (and what not) to wear.

My favourite part of this read is its witty yet informative advice – packaged in a way that teaches you the A-to-Zs of men’s fashion, while keeping you entertained – perfect for those boring train commutes to work. It covers styles for every occasion – from galas, to weekends. This book, chock-a-block with sartorial tips and tricks, gives you reassurance that no matter wherever you’re going, you’ll always be – as the title describes – a perfectly dressed gentleman.

What are you reading this Friday? Tell us in the comments what books are currently residing on your bedside table!