The Perfectly Dressed Gentleman – What I’m Currently Reading

Fashion isn’t only a complicated task for women! It can be equally as convoluted for men, and Robert O’Bryne’s The Perfectly Dressed Gentleman (Cico Books) is the ultimate guide for taking the stress out of getting dressed. We live in an increasingly informal society; and whether it is deciding between a single- or double-breasted jacket, or whether or not you should wear a tie, The Perfectly Dressed Gentleman is your go-to guide on what (and what not) to wear.

My favourite part of this read is its witty yet informative advice – packaged in a way that teaches you the A-to-Zs of men’s fashion, while keeping you entertained – perfect for those boring train commutes to work. It covers styles for every occasion – from galas, to weekends. This book, chock-a-block with sartorial tips and tricks, gives you reassurance that no matter wherever you’re going, you’ll always be – as the title describes – a perfectly dressed gentleman.

What are you reading this Friday? Tell us in the comments what books are currently residing on your bedside table!

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