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Tips for the Perfect TV-Watching Experience – The Digital Life

While the summer is rapidly drawing to a close, we know there’s one thing for sure to look forward to — and that is the fall television season. Citytv has a great line up of series premieres including New Girl, and returning favourites like Modern Family and the infamous The Bachelor.

We all know that picture quality really makes an enormous difference in your television experience, and while subscribing to an HD package (like one fromRogers), the television itself is just as important.

This 2011 Fall TV season, the great folks over at Samsung have provided us with a few suggestions to keep in mind, whether you’re purchasing a new television set, or where to place your current one.

Size matters 

Consider the size of your room before making a purchase. It’s easy to be dazzled by a big screen, but once you take your TV home it has to fit. You also don’t want to be forced to sit any closer than 1.5 times the screen’s diagonal measurement (and ideally no farther than twice that). Finally, if you have an existing entertainment centre, allow for at least an inch on each side for proper ventilation.

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You should also look at bezel size, i.e. the size of the frame around your TV. Samsung has recently reduced the size of the bezel so its TVs offer more screen in the same overall size so users get more viewing space.

LED, LCD or Plasma? 

Plasma TVs were the only flat-panel models available when they were first introduced more than a decade ago. Since then, LCD and LED models have emerged, offering improvements like a bright picture and better energy efficiency. Plasmas still get points for their very dark blacks and increased viewing angle, so you don’t need to be front and centre to have the best seat in the house, as well as their pixel technology, which maintains the details of your favourite fast-motion movies or sports.

Reflect on the lighting 

The lighting in your room will have a big impact on your viewing experience, so consider what’s typical. If you usually watch TV in the dark, a Plasma television is your best bet because it can seamlessly reduce the overall intensity of the picture. LCD and LED TVs can create brighter pictures, so they work well in lighter rooms, though they also work very well in dark rooms.

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More than just TV 

In the past year, 3D and Smart TVs have hit the LED market, giving shoppers more choices than ever before. With 3D TVs offering images that pop and Smart TVs equipped with an Internet connection, the possibilities for at-home viewers are now truly endless.

As always, if you have any tech related questions for CityLine or “The Digital Life,” feel free to send me an email, — and you just may be featured in an upcoming episode or online!

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Winston Sih
Winston Sih
Winston is currently a freelance technology and travel broadcast journalist, consultant, and is the creator and founder of Master Travellr—Canada’s destination for travel news, guides, and budget recommendations.


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