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Must-download Halloween apps

The App Store is booming with fun and creative apps, ideal for keeping your kids entertained for hours.  With Halloween just a few weeks away, here are a few apps for you to load on your smartphone to get your family in the Halloween spirit!

Scrap It: Halloween HD  – FREE
Scrap It: Halloween HD is a free app, allowing you to upload photos and create a Halloween-themed e-scrapbook.  You can pick through hundreds of photo effects and choose from stickers, text fonts, and a variety of themed background images.  Once you’re finished, you can preview your scrapbook as an image slideshow, or even upload it online to share with friends and family.

Halloween Card Creator – FREE
Halloween Card Creator allows you to create fun and spooky Halloween cards to share with your friends and family.  Cards are easily customizable with fun graphics and background, and you can publish the final product online.  For $0.99, you can upgrade the free version to include more clip art options.

Scary Sounds – FREE
Scary Sounds, a free app, lets you create your own haunted house of horror!  You can choose from a sound bank of scary sounds, or even create a combination of sounds to loop.  Sounds include growling, laugh, howl, screech, wicked witch laugh, and wolves howling.  Attach your smartphone to a speaker, and create a spooky ambiance for your next Halloween party.

Carve a Pumpkin from Parents Magazine – FREE
Carve a Pumpkin allows your kids who want to try out carving a pumpkin before attempting the real thing.  Your kids are able to pick from a library of crazy eye, nose, and mouth shapes, or you can carve your own jack-o-lantern.  It’s fun, interactive, and easy to use.  Once your kid has finished, they can add their own message and share their creation online.

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Great Halloween Recipes – $0.99
Great Halloween Recipes allows party hosts to discover new and tasty recipes to help you make the most of the Halloween theme.  You can find many interesting treat ideas including appetizers, main entrees, mocktails, and dessert ideas.

Great Halloween iBooks

Franklin’s Halloween – iBooks ($5.99)
Franklin and his friends are excited about the upcoming Halloween costume party. With tricks and treats, and a flying ghost, Franklin and his friends enjoy a night of mystery fun.

The Little Engine That Could Throw a Halloween Jamboree!  – iBookstore($0.99)
The Little Engine That Could celebrates Halloween by throwing a jamboree full of fun games and contents.

Disney Princess: Sweet and Spooky Halloween – iBookstore ($3.99)

It’s Halloween and the Disney Princesses are celebrating this sweet and spooky season. Cinderella carves pumpkins, Ariel dresses up in costume, and Belle explores the creepy corners of the Beast’s castle.

Count Dagmar – iBookstore ($6.99)
Help Count Dagmar, a vegetarian vampire, get ready for his party. Count fuzzy bats, silly monsters, and friendly ghosts in this delightfully wacky and sweet interactive book.

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Five Little Pumpkins – iBookstore ($5.99)
Light up pumpkins, watch ghosts fly, and discover hidden animations on every page. Toddlers enjoy the rhythmic story and vibrant illustrations.

What apps do you have on your smartphone to get you in the Halloween spirit?  Share them in the comments below!

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Winston Sih
Winston Sih
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